Okay, I’ve been posting enough about my day job.

By night I’m a physics graduate student. Well, my work lets me go to class during the day, but (when I’m productive) night and weekend minutes are for physics (sounds like a mobile phone commercial).

I’m currently tackling String Theory — we finally have a graduate course at UCD after my petition to start one last year. Great stuff! The whole reason I wanted to study physics to begin with. It’s being taught by Professor John March-Russell, visiting us from Oxford.

Some great material on Philosophy of Physics by Oliver Pooley: I found it while reviewing general covariance. Of particular relevance is his lecture on General Covariance and gauge theories, which helped to clarify the muddled thoughts I had running in my head.

Paul Ginsparg’s review of Applied Conformal Field Theory posted on his brain-child, arxiv.org. Necessary material since I learned the deep-connections between Conformal Field Theory in 2d and string theory are what tell us so much about 2d objects like strings propagating along a world-sheet.

Belavin, Polyakov, and Zamolodchikov’s classic article “INFINITE CONFORMAL SYMMETRY IN TWO-DIMENSIONAL QUANTUM FIELD THEORY” unfortunately isn’t on arxiv, and right now our electronic journals aren’t responding, so I may have to track down Nucl.Phys.B241:333–380,1984 on actual paper.

Well, this was fun but I should go back to reviewing my notes.