It’s been quite awhile since the last post, with lots of changes. I’ve:

  • Converted to MacOS
  • Changed my research codebase to C++
  • Migrated this blog from Blogger to Octopress
  • Started on the path towards #prismbreak
  • Gotten my blue belt in BJJ

I’ll say a little about each ...

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Hapkido Practicum Fall 2009

[Physical Education Program, UC Davis]( “Physical Education Program, UC Davis”)
Hapkido Practicum
Fall Quarter, 2009
Instructor: [Adam Getchell](mailto:[email protected] “Adam Getchell”)

Disclaimer: Techniques shown here are meant for informative/illustrative purposes. Just because I provide a link here, does necessarily ...

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Socialism, Capitalism, Spending, oh my!

For a change of pace, I’m going to ruminate on the state of affairs as I see them.

(It’s my blog, I get to exercise my [First Amendment](! ;-)
(Yes, I’m procrastinating. The cluster is down for maintenance, and I need a ...
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