[Physical Education Program, UC Davis](http://pe.ucdavis.edu/Site/Welcome.html “Physical Education Program, UC Davis”)
Hapkido Practicum
Fall Quarter, 2009
Instructor: [Adam Getchell](mailto:[email protected] “Adam Getchell”)

Disclaimer: Techniques shown here are meant for informative/illustrative purposes. Just because I provide a link here, does necessarily mean I fully agree with all of the content shown. It does mean I think there is value in some of what is being demonstrated. As with all endeavors, a component of critical thinking is necessary.

If something shown here works and makes sense to you, great! Practice diligently.

If you don’t understand or agree with something here, think about it, ask questions, form your own conclusions, and adjust your training accordingly. Martial Arts is an individual affair, albeit one with a common set of core principles derived from physics, anatomy, psychology, and other quantifiable discliplines.

In a time of crisis you do not necessarily have time to think!

Neither should you lose your wits about you. One of the best ways to avoid this is to know, in advance, what you are prepared to do, and commit to doing so. If (or when) the moment comes, you have a basis for action.


Discussion: Syllabus
Warmups: Running, circling, burpees, cartwheels, gymnastics forward roll
Techniques: Forward roll, footwork, elbow strikes

Further updates can be found at: http://docs.google.com/View?id=dckp3cwx_62csk8r4gk