And again, it’s been quite awhile.

The big news is the welcome addition of Benjamin to our family. You can see him studying with me in my profile picture. He’s an incredible ball of energy and joy, and there’s nothing like having him around to remind one of the meaning of life.

Aside from that, and with Benjamin’s encouragement, I’ve been busy the past year getting serious about doing my research. My project was recently accepted by the Mozilla Science Lab, a really cool effort which aims to harness open-source software towards basic research. This is a part of a general movement, along with “new” trends such as Software Carpentry and Data Science (themselves based on practices and techniques from Software Engineering, Agile Development, and NoSQL to name just a few).

However, as I type this I am sitting here at Hebrew University, in sunny (but chilly, at least by a Californian’s standards) Jerusalem attending the 32nd Winter School in Theoretical Physics on 100 Years of General Relativity: From Theory to Experiment and Back. I’m having a blast getting my brain filled! I will post more about what I’ve learned later.


(Benjamin is already quite the world traveler, handling planes, trains, and sightseeing with aplomb.)

Benjamin on a plane Benjamin on the Jerusalem light rail Us at the Wailing Wall Golgotha

Also, I’ve migrated from Octopress to Pelican, as others have done, for similar reasons. This post was very helpful in doing the conversion, especially the Blogger support added into This post helped with the GitHub pages support.

Shalom and Happy New Year!